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Healthy, high-quality, stimulating: Matcha is a super hero amongst teas. 100% green tea leaves from Japan – essentially a super power green tea containing natural green tea flavonoids (catechins).

Drinking matcha can be like drinking 10 cups of regular green tea for its nutrient value.

Matcha health benefits:

high in green tea flavonoids

Matcha contains lots of green tea flavonoids know as catechins. It contains the EGCS catechin to be precise, which research shows has an antioxidants effect on the body.

brain power

Matcha contains the amino acid. l-theanine. Lots of research has been conducted in to how l-theanine can promote alpha brain waves which help with concentration and alertness. That must be why Buddhist monks drink it to help with meditation

healthy skin

Green tea contains polyphenols - this may not mean much to you and us, but researchers have found that consuming green tea polyphenols can inhibit UV-radiation-induced skin damage, helping to keep your skin looking younger. Result!

calorie burning

Scientific studies are looking at the effect green tea may have on the body's thermogenesis ( the rate it burns calories) and its impact on fat oxidisation during exercise. Green tea extract is now used in many slimming supplements. Matcha is probably the purest and most natural form of green tea extract, and lovely to drink too.

slow release energy

Like all green tea, matcha naturally contains caffeine. This works together with to l-theanine to give you a slow release of energy for 4-6 hours. Bye bye afternoon slumps.

There are lots of ways to get your matcha fix. You just need ½ teaspoon of matcha to get all its super powers. Matcha is traditionally drunk as a hot tea, whisked into hot water but because it’s a powder, you can whisk it into juices or smoothies, you can drink it as a latte (almond milk or oat milk is our favourite) and even add it to fruit juices or smoothies. Or try one of our delicious Matcha Balls.


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